I have low vision for about 6-7 years. I had difficulty seeing and reading. I started Simply Visio exercises with the recommendation of my doctor. I can see far and near better now. For example, I am now able to see the elevator buttons and read the labels that I could not read before 7 weeks ago.

Nevin Ö**** / 62 / Turkey

I had a decrease to my eyesight due to diabetes. Beside my diabetes treatment, I began to have vision rehabilitation. Once I completed 6-week training of the Simply Visio training program, I can now read the invoices and do my daily activities more easily.

Marry T***** / 59 / Germany

I started Simply Visio reading training with the recommendation of my ophthalmologist. After doing exercises regularly for 6-weeks. I am now able to read books more comfortably. I am a teacher and it is very important to read for me.

Claire D**** / 61 / The Netherlands

I am retired and my favorite thing was to solve puzzles. I was not able to see the words because of the macular degenereation in my eyes. I went to the eye doctor and had several treatments for many years. At the end of these treatments, I was not able to read and solve the puzzles. My eye doctor recommended the Simply Visio training program. After completing 6-weeks training in Simply Visio, I began to solve puzzles again and I am very happy.

Saul F**** / 72 / Spain

I have macular degeneration for 6 years. It was very difficult to read at the beginning and after a while, I was not able to read at all for the last 1-2 years. I started this application with my ophthalmologist’s advice. I could only read words with 3 letters while watching TV or I had to move my head up and down or to the sides to be able to read the whole word. Now I can read the whole word without moving my head. I was not able to read a newspaper for 1 year, and now I can read everything easily except for very little letters. The company was very responsive and always ready to help. I deleted the application by mistake and they re-installed it right away. I am very happy with the result and the service.

Rafet E**** / 65 / Turkey

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